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Saturday, September 15, 2012


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Hey Assalamualaikum Anyway, goodbye to my buah hati pengarang jantung Mr Henry Middleton. Ekekekekeke. Last Episode for Oh My English, well it's still trending in Twitter. Ni mesti Tweet nak masuk TV kan? Kuikui.
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So, final exam around the corner, but none have changed. Like seriously?! Yes I am lazeh .__. I'm die, DIE! Oh yah! Happy Malaysia Day guys! I am proud to be one of Malaysians just because tomorrow is Public Holiday! Lololol! 
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I like when someone talked behind my back. Well just ignored them guys. They are simply gives their rewards for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^
Can't wait for wedding ceremony Abang Adik rumah Mak Uda. That's the ONLY chance I can meet with Jamil. Aaaaaaaaaaa I missed him aready :( Haha. Suddenly remembered those 'our' memories. ;)
 And I miss Egypt, Madina and Mecca too. :( Pak Lang and Mak Lang soon gonna do their Hajj. Yes I am jealous. Still remember the first time I saw Kaabah. Yes never faded awayyy. I missed! Still remember the first time I saw the pyramid, went to the papyrus factory.... 
Dear FH, promise me one day we'll go there together... and maybe with our children too. OKAY just kidding. I'm still kiddo and young! XP

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