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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I am Saving My Heart

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Assalamualaikum, hai hai esok dah start sekolah. Mohon cuti sekolah dipanjangkan boleh? HAHA == Seriously, homework satu apa tak sentuh lagi... Bukak sekolah Mas paling takut nak berhadapan dengan  result PKA... Failed failed failed!
Okay.. I don't understand why and why and why...some of those girls out there is too friendly. Nahh you should know what I mean.. yang jenis melayan lelaki. Yes I admit, I hate that. Dear girls, please remember that, orang akan lebih menghargai benda yang susah nak dapat, berbanding yang senang.
Nah I don't teach you to jual mahal, tapi tolong letakkan harga diri di tempat yang betul.
Okay kita nak tulis letter untuk ehem-ehem sebenarnya. LALALA XD
Dear Future Husband,
Maybe you're reading this before we know each other, which would be amazing. Or maybe I've shown this to you before we decide to get married :P
Even tough I don't know exactly who you'll be yet, I think of you often- but I know you were out there. I wonder how you're living your life now. It matters to me, you know. Because how you live your life now determines the kind of person you're becoming... and the kind of man that I'll spend the rest of my life with :)
Hmmm. I don't want to be your girlfriend *you MUST know this as I wrote the 'letter for FUTURE SPOUSE :P*I just wanna be the one who called your wife. Muehehehe. Your presence will give me happiness. You'll be my halal prince charming, riding your horse of Taqwa. Holding onto the Quran in your right hand and Sunnah in your left. I hear you're worth the wait, so I'll wait. My heart belongs to Allah and only HIM.
I hope you are a good Muslims, and me too as like surah An-Nur, verses 26 : "Vile women for vile mean, and vile men for vile women. Good women for good men, good men for good women; such are innocent of that which people say : For them is pardon and a bountiful provision." InsyaAllah.
Also, don't worry. I am not the kind of girls who will want everything to be like a romance novel or a chick flick. I don't expect those things and while I am romantic at times :P I know that the love story Allah is writing for us is much more beautiful and wonderful than human minds could ever come up with so I'll be waiting for our wonderful story to start. ;D
Well, you don't have to drive any BMW, Merz or Skyline to be gorgeous. Be an Imam prayer, that's how I define gorgeous. You don't have to have a nice voice and hush me with a lovely songs, recite the Kalamullah, Al Qur'anul Kareem. That's how I would melt. You don't have to be so so so rich for me to love you. Please have a kind heart. That's more than enough for me and my parents too. Nobody's perfect. You are nobody. So, just be a man who is slave of Allah and the only thing you love more than me is HIM.
I love you. I know you only my imagination..... and my dreams. But, in the way that I can't explain and- I can't adequately explain how I feel. But I do love you now. It's as if I know you are in my heart, and because we are separated by time, I miss you. So I am writing this to you as a way of reaching into the future. *To tell that I am saving my heart until you come to claim it* Yes I am waiting for you, seriously :P  And I pray that whenever you are right now, you are waiting for me as well. Will you? ;P
Do know that I have major faults and major sins that I need to take care of. I don't think that I am ready for you yet. But I am waiting for you and I am holding on to my romantic, albeit naive heart, knowing I will give it to you one day, fully trusting you to keep it safe. What I am trying to say that.....We have to get LOST in Him to find each other. I hope you are up for the journey.
I promise that I will be a good wife ever after nikah as long as you promise me one thing. Please accompany me and getting me in to Jannah. That's all I want for. Put our trust in Allah, because He knows what's best.
Right now it's like staring out of a window and staring at the vast expanse of earth, impossible. Maybe you're here already? Let's meet one day.

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