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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adore you :)

Assalamualaikum . Helooooo ebilibadiiiiiii . Im coming home , im comingg home . Tell the world im coming home .. haha \NONSENSE/ . Peeps i dont know i've fallen in love wif this songgggg. Set the fire to the rain , Someone like youu , Rolling in the deep , etc . Oh maiii . Play it over and over again . Adore youu Adele (y)

 STOP . siang tadiii , phewwwww . we had a talked on engineering manangement till the end of de sch session . Damn bored . Idk what he talked bout . Occupation Safety and Health , DOSH , manufacturing ... bla bla blaaaaaa . Im so sleepy that timee . All i know is i wanna go back. Civil engineering FU*KING HARD . we need the 2R . -Read and Remember-  but I love Engineering drawing <3 

One quest , idk why all the students and some of the teachers called our civil eng. teacher as 'Makpah' . yeah yeah yeah... her full name Saripah somethingg .. huhh I dont remember . --' but why must we called her that name ? why not 'TEACHER' as usual . >.<

Babe babe babe ! Next week . Welcome le exam :)

Okayy ! Alhamudillah I have read the whole chapter (Chapter 1 only ) hehe for History . Not too hard . InsyaAllah I'll do my best for the UB1 . Add math , I cant wait ! :)) I should widen my vocabulary for my english , bahasa melayuuuu. Read more , Learn more (Milo tagline) Haha .

Wish me luck dude ! Amin (Y)

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