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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum . Hallllooooooooo . (^_^) . So what's up readers ? It has been a long time i've been quiet from blogging since the 2n of Feb . First of all , I wanna say SORRY if there any mistakes on my grammar , etc etc . I've made up my mind to write in English (Malay-Eng pun ok la kan )in this blog as my classmate are sooooooooooooooooo power in English . Im damn jealous .

     This quite bit hard for me to make a change but I have to . I NEED to improve my English language . As my Sir Razak said , ' You need to talk , you need to read and you need to write in English everyday ' .

     Hmmm . I dont know how to say . Usually i just write in English for making an essay . (Homework) I don't know how as this is the beginning . Please leave a comment or tell me if Im wrong . Do support me. Im begging . T.T

     Ok . Today !  ^^ My mr sweet treated me a 'Asam Nenas' after school . Huhu . Thanks Azim <3 . Btw , this is my first time im skipping the unit unform meeting  . Haha . They tell us late . Dah tak sempat nak call parents balik lambat ! So please be more systematic school ! The school session ends at 2.30 pm and the meeting starts at 3.30 . HUHHHH-___- Kemalasan aku terserlah di situ kn ?

      Oh Allah ! I didn't read any books or doing any revision yet ! My exam around the corner but I'm still ' Oh my .... lambat lagi...Just relax.. I'm still have the time to cover up all the 10 subjects!..' phewwwwwwwwwwww . See ? I can still online , updating blog even tough I know I only have this Sunday to make a revision sebab Sabtu ni sekolah ganti !!!

Dude ! I got a SUPER BIG problem as when I'm answering the question paper , most of add math , aku selaluu rase over confident that my answer is always right and I dont wanna do semakan balik sbb kononnya rasa yakin sgt that answer totally correct . Oh myyyyyy .... PLEASEEEE . ada ubat tak nak hilang kan rasa ituu ?  I HATE .

   Btw, after sign in the facebook, my friend asked me to check KPM website (sbp) for the second intake . Alhamdulillah, aku tak dapat . haha . Im happy with the new school .the new friends , the new subject i've learning that only a few school teach that .I love SM Teknik Melaka , I love Civil Engineering <3 I love Add Math , I love all but I hate History . HAHA . there's so much fact that I HAVE TO REMEMBER just to pass the exam . But its okay , as long as i can do it , I'LL ! never ever ever give up .

     Hmm . perasan tak ? I've been writing too long . too much ! . please dont call me 'Mak Nenek' . haha . Okay , Gotta go now . Thanks for spending ur time read this speech . haha . speech ?? O.o mengarut . haha . ok . Tata All . Assalamualaikum .(:

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