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Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum :> Happy Eid Mubarak bloggers sekalian. Mungkin agak terlambat sedikit nak wish as I am too lazy to update and lack of ideas -,- burr.
So whatsup with first Ramadhan? Everything's okay? Make sure you fasting ahh.. haha. I am sure everyone was excited, right? So today, I ain't busy. I didn't sahur.... too lazy to wake up. But it's okay, I'm used to it. So then, bangun dalam pukul 9 lebih gitu, --' and then Mom going out with along, pergi mana ntah, I'm still sleeping till 11am :P 
Next, done the homework.. bla bla bla physics, addmath..lk.. then continued to sleep again till 6 30 pm !! See how lazy I was and did I looked so tired? Yes maybe. I looked liked I was too tired but actually NOT. And I don't know why I can sleep dengan masa yang agak lama.
So, simple cooked from Mom (Cucur udang and nasi goreng) today as her only daughter didn't help her served for berbuka :P TROLOL. 
Eh eh. Ya know I am too jealous. Yes I am. Though I know he's not mine, but.. errrr I HATE HIM!!!! Sometimes he acts like I was 'something' for him but somethimes he looks like I was NOTHING at all! Ei benci tahuk! 
Do yah need to tagged your crush with your updates? But at the same time yah told me to try to win your heart? Who am I? Or you want me too looked as a beggar and desperate. Eyuwh! I know you are not so well, but I am wondering, why can you commenting with others with the smileys2 bagai, but with me? YEAH YOU TREAT ME LIKE A STRANGER. LIKE I'M ODD. LIKE I'M BIZARRE.
Nevermind. As you know, 'Don't keep a girl waiting just because you know she will. Because someday she will realize that she was nothing to you, and that broken day, you were nothing to her. Let her find her happiness, badboy.'
Niyayy yesterday, my schoolmate,  asked for my phone number. I saw him last week during the assembly when all the teachers and buddy were busy answering the Bahasa Melayu quiz and I just saw him suddenly. Selang beberapa hati, I found his facebook acc :P Anddd he chat with me yesterday :P Don't get jelly ah :p HAHA
Psstttttt >^,^<
body, boy, guy, hot, model
Awhh man! Does he look sexaayyyyy? :P

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