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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Catching Feelings

Untuk diaaaaa <3
Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.First sekali nak mintak maaf kalau post ini menyakitkan mata anda sebab warna Pink ;P So hari ni tak tahu mimpi apa tetibe je nak update blog. XD Anyway pagi tadi bangun je tidur dapat morning text dari Along. Auww shuweet tak shuweet tak? Dia suruh kita sapu dengan mop lantai. Lol :3
So lagi dua hari lagi nak bukak sekolah. Malasnyaaaaaa. Homework pun tak siap lagi.X( Tu pun baru siap sedikit. =.=
Bahasa Melayu
Add Math
Pendidikan Islam
Folio Agama
Lukisan Bangunan
The sun comes up another morning, my mind never wakes up without you on it and it's crazy to me, I even see you in my dreams. Is this meant to be? Could this be happening to me?
Why do I get nervous every time you walk by? We would be on the phone all day, now I can't find the words to say to you, now what I'm supposed to do?
In my head we are already together, I'm good alone but with you I'm better. I just wanna see you smile You say the words and I'll be right there, I ain't never going nowhere.
I'm just tryna see where this can take us because everything bout you is so contagious. Could there be a possibility? They say we are too young for love but I'm catching feelings. Should I tell you how I really feel? Or should I move in or just be still? Cause if I take the chance, will everything change? And how do I know if you feel the same ?
Verbalise xD. Harharhar 
Tadi masa tengah online Facebook ada orang hantar chat ajak main teka-teki. Laka-laka je dia niee XD
Harhar. Still tak boleh henti ketawa *gelak guling-guling* Okay dah I gotta stop now. Off ~ Byee Assalamualaikum XD

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